Sunday, 8 June 2014

8th All India Conference of AIGDSU opening is grand spectacular and Marvellous.

8th All India Conference of AIGDSU  opening is grand spectacular and Marvellous on 8th june 2014 at 10:30 AM Flag hoisting programme is celebrated. Com.B.V.Rao AGS & Circle Secretary A.P. hoisted the National Flag. Com. SS.Mahadevaiah General Secreatary hoisted the AIGDSU flag among the thundring claps and slogans of good gathering. 
                   Sri Nayini Narasimha reddy, Hon'ble Home Minister, Telangana state Inagurated the conference. The Hon'ble Home Minister and trade union leader of HMS Sri Nayini Narasimha reddy addressed the house and extended his solidarity to the justified strugules of  AIGDSU for the cause of GDS employees. Sri D.Vinay Bhaskar MLA Warangal West, Sri Challa Dharna Reddy MLA Parkal atteded and address the conference.After the inauguration, the subject committee meeting was started Com.SS.Mahadevaiah G/S placed the notice copy of 8th AIC before the house for approval.The house approved the agenda house unanimously.
                 A grand,Colorfull,  spectacular and marvellous procession was started from public Gardens, Hanumakonda and passed through the streets of Hanumakonda with more than 1000 GDS Comrades wearing red caps and ended at Arts college Auditorium.

              An open session was conducted at Arts college Auditorium under the presidentship of AIRF leader com.Yadavreddy, Com.B.N.Singh Ex.C/S P3 read the message of Sri T.Harish Rao, Hon'ble Minister of Assembly Affairs of Telangana State. 

                 Com. T.Narasimhan Working President of AITUC AP State inagurated the open session. Com P.Suresh G/S R4, Com Srinivas HMS leader, (AIRF), Com. B.G.Tamankar Ex.President NFPE, Com.G.S.Asiwal Ex.AGS P3, Com.OmPrakash ACS P4,AP  Circle, Com.S.Appalnaidu C/S R4 AP Circle, Com.D.Janardhan president Telangana Udyogula Sangam, Com.M.Namendar Gowd C/S Casual labour & Contingent Union, Com.SS.Mahadevaiah G/S addressed the open session.

                 Before the open session "PERINI SHIVA THANDAVAM" was exibited by the local artists an exlent and very good response was came from audience most of the circles presented cash awards to the artists. Com.B.Venkateswarulu General Secretary reception committee felistated all the guests with memontos. 
                The open session was successfully ended with vote of Thanks of Com. B.V.Rao, Asst.General Secretary.

Friday, 30 May 2014

7వ వేతన సంఘానికి మెమొరాండం సమర్పించే తేది మార్పు

7వ వేతన సంఘానికి GDS ఉద్యోగుల సమస్యలపై సవివరనమైన మెమొరాండం ది. 31-05-2014 సమర్పించాలని 7వ వేతన సంఘం మన కేంద్ర సంఘాన్ని కొరినది. కేంద్ర సంఘం GDS ఉద్యోగుల సమస్యలపై సవివరనమైన మెమొరాండం తయారు చేసినది. కాని సమర్పించే తేది ది. 31-07-2014 కు మార్చబడినది. మెమొరాండం వివరములు హనుమకొండ లో ది.8-6-14 నుండి 10-6-14 వరకు జరుగు ఆల్ ఇండియా కాన్ఫరెన్స్ లో మన సభ్యులకు తెలియజేయబడుతుంది.